Real Estate Closings

New York City & Long Island Real Estate Closing Attorneys

Real Estate Closings

At Greenblatt & Agulnick, we represent buyers in all real estate closings throughout New York City and Long Island, including Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Whether you are a first-time home buyer or an experienced real estate investor, hidden clauses or misinterpreted provisions can cause future legal difficulties. We will protect your rights during the closing and see that your best interests are protected well into the future.


When handling residential and commercial real estate closings in either New York City or Long Island, our firm goes beyond just telling clients to fill out a standard form. Instead, we take the time to learn their specific needs and incorporate them into a thorough, meticulously drafted contract. Contact our offices in Great Neck, New York, to schedule a consultation.
If you have accepted an offer, or your offer has been accepted on a residential or commercial building and need an immediate closing deal, we can help. Our firm is available to process closing contracts whenever you need us, including weekends and holidays.


We have extensive experience handling all aspects of real estate closings. Our fees are competitive and are typically a flat fee for Long Island or New York City residential closings.


Our legal services include:

  • Preventing clients from unknowingly waiving their rights when signing closing documents
  • Assisting clients in making an offer
  • Negotiating for extended closing dates and mortgage period
  • Helping clients understand the mortgage contingency period and "on or about" dates rules
  • Counseling clients on buying real estate and real estate transactions


Why Hire an Attorney for Real Estate Closings?
If you recently made an offer on real property or accepted one, you may have considered continuing with the closing by yourself. While closings can be completed without an attorney, important issues may be overlooked. At Greenblatt & Agulnick, we explain all of the legal details regarding the purchase agreement or other closing documents. We also help our clients fully understand the legal technicalities surrounding the closing date.


To learn more about how we can help you during the closing process, contact our offices on Long Island in Great Neck, New York, to schedule a complimentary consultation. We strive to protect your rights and best interests in any real estate deal.